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The Buzz About Mosquitoes

The Buzz About Mosquitoes

No matter where you are in the United States right now, it's mosquito season. Unlike summer, mosquitoes don't come to an unofficial end on Labor Day weekend, their season goes on for awhile in all parts of the country.

Region Mosquito Season
Northwest April - October
Northeast April - October
Midwest February - November
Southwest February - November
Southeast February - November


For 3 of the 5 regions, we can plan to have mosquitoes with us for another 3 months. According to the 2021 Mosquito Forecast, warmer temperatures around the United States, along with wetter winters in a number of areas, created a perfect environment for mosquitoes to proliferate. 

Put it all together and we are going to be fighting MORE mosquitoes for LONGER than ever before.

The only advice anyone can give for how best to deal with this mosquito inundation is to have an effective bug repellent, and plenty of it. So, even though summer may be coming to its unofficial end, mosquito season will be with us for several more months. Find a safe, effective bug repellent like 911 Bug Off and "un-invite" mosquitoes for the rest of your outdoor plans!


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