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Get THE MASK for your mask

Get THE MASK for your mask

Happy Labor Day!

Today marks the unofficial end of summer for many people. Even though summer is officially with us until September 22nd (the autumnal equinox), many of the post-Labor Day activities and sights scream "Fall is here!" Kids are back in school, leaves begin to turn colors, days get shorter (and cooler), and FOOTBALL IS BACK!

Something else that the fall season brings is more indoor group activities and in this COVID-19 era that means more mask-wearing. 

Has anyone ever told you that your mask needs a mask? No, I don't mean double- and triple-masking..although, sometimes that may be the only thing that makes you feel truly safe. What I mean is giving your mask a little something to both freshen it up and give it a little extra virus-fighting power.

911 Relief is THE MASK for your mask. A quick spray (just don't want to drown it) will give your mask a fresh feel and smell while boosting it's ability to knock out any germs you encounter.

Fall season..FOOTBALL season..indoor activity season..911 Relief season (THE MASK for your mask)!

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